Dr Nitha Naqvi  is a world leading doctor. She has won the Natwest top Asian Woman Of The Year award.

Dr Nitha Naqvi (BSc(hons), MBBS(hons), MSc, FRCPCH) is an award-winning London paediatric cardiologist . She has been congratulated by the prime minister, and has appeared as an inspirational leader in the national press (FT, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and on BBC radio). Dr Naqvi  specialises in heart problems in babies, children and teenagers, including heart murmurs, chest pain, fainting, congenital heart disease, holes in the heart, Kawasaki’s disease, Marfan’s and Loeys-Dietz syndrome, palpitations, arrhythmia, SVT, ADHD cardiac screening and family screening. Dr Naqvi works as both a private paediatric cardiologist and a NHS consultant paediatric cardiologist.
You may be looking at this site because a child you care about might have a heart problem. Having a paediatric cardiology assessment can be stressful for parents and children and the wealth of information on the internet can create more anxiety. Rest assured that excellent care is available. With more than 20 years’ experience of looking after sick children Dr Naqvi’s child friendly professional manner puts children and parents at ease.
Dr Naqvi is a London paediatric cardiologist providing a comprehensive, high quality, rapid one stop diagnostic service including paediatric echo in London, with same day treatment where appropriate, and fast track referral to some of the best children’s cardiac surgeons in the world. She uses state of the art diagnostic equipment and when required provides cutting edge first class treatment. Her NHS practice is at the Royal Brompton Hospital, the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK and among the largest in Europe, situated in Chelsea, right in the heart of London. Dr Naqvi sees private patients either self-referral or GP referred from a wide area of England, and accepts international referrals. Her private appointments are at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea and Wimpole Street sites (near Oxford street), and also at The Harley Street Clinic and the BUPA Cromwell Hospital in Kensington. All NHS referrals must be from your GP or consultant paediatrician and are seen at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Redhill hospital and West Suffolk hospital.

Chest Pain in Children & Teenagers

Chest pain in children is relatively common. It frequently causes anxiety for children, parents, and grandparents. It can be due to a problem with the heart, hence a cardiac assessment is recommended.

Heart Murmur in Babies & Children

Heart murmurs are very common in children. They are extra noises from the heart, heard with a stethoscope. They may represent an underlying heart problem or may be a normal finding (innocent).

Fainting / Syncope in Children & Teenagers

A faint (blackout/syncope) is a sudden loss of consciousness- not usually associated with jerking movements. The medical term for a faint is syncope. Rarely it can be due to an underlying heart condition so assessment by a clinician is advisable.
If you wish to make a private appointment either self referral or GP please contact her private secretary Julie on 07864 826759 (phone, text or whatsapp) or 0207 477 2199 (phone). E mail: mychildheartdoctor@gmail.com

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