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This wonderful lady oversees the care of our daughter and is the most caring and compassionate individual. She is truly a special person with a passion for her speciality.

– J.H

She is so good with my son, Charlie, always makes him laugh and puts him at ease as he is hospital phobic, thank you.

– J.L

Lovely lady – made us feel very reassured during Lily’s operations. She’s a fantastic doctor and great at putting parents at ease during very stressful and emotional times.

– M.D

Maisy is under Dr Naqvi and always felt at ease with this amazing lady and have complete trust in her advice and decisions.

– C.M

My son is under her she’s an amazing doctor

– J.D

She is such a friendly and kind doctor

– J.B

Dr Naqvi was very frank and honest with me and my partner about our late daughter, a doctor that’s easy to respect.

– D.G

A lovely person. She always gives our son the best care.

– E.H

She is my daughter’s cardiologist and I really love her, she is so kind, when Emily was in picu she didn’t pass a day without seeing her.

– S.C

Toby’s brilliant and lovely consultant x.

– K.G

Such a lovely and kind, Dr. Very calming and caring in a stressful situation.

– C.B

This wonderful Dr is who sees our son annually. She’s so chatty and friendly but absolutely brilliant at what she does.

– K.N
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