Other Heart Conditions

There are many potential problems which can occur with a child’s heart. Some occur from birth and others develop later. These include rarer forms of congenital heart disease, some of which may be diagnosed before birth by foetal scanning. Conditions which may develop later include cardiomyopathy, pericarditis, myocarditis and many types of rhythm problems.

Normal Heart Structure


Some children will have no symptoms. Heart problems may cause a baby or child to become breathless, fatigue, have slower weight gain with feeding difficulties and be more prone to respiratory infections. Chest pain and fainting may also occur.


A clinical examination will often reveal a heart murmur. An ECG and an echocardiogram will diagnose the majority of cases of heart disease in children. A chest X-ray and sometimes more detailed imaging with a CT Scan , MRI or cardiac catheter may also be required. Blood tests may also be performed.


Dr Naqvi works with an excellent team of NICOR audited congenital cardiac surgeons and if needed will refer your child to the one who is best for your child’s heart.


This depends on the exact diagnosis. The vast majority of children with heart disease can be treated.

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Disclaimer: The opinions and facts shown in this article are as accurate and up to date as possible, but are provided as general “information resources”, which may not be relevant to individual persons. This article is not a substitute for individual assessment and always take advice from a paediatric cardiologist who is familiar with the particular person.